With approximately 350,000 locations worldwide and over a dozen locations around Fiji, it’s easy to send money to your loved ones.

Need to change money, buy and sell foreign currencies!

No commission fee is charged to customers on currency exchange and the exchange rates offered by MH Money Express are better then rates offered by commercial banks.

MH Money Express facilitates the purchase and sale of all major foreign currency including exotic and pacific currencies.

Money Transfer

We are Super Agents for Moneygram money transfer locally & globally.

  • Send and receive money with in Fiji.
  • Send and receive money internationally across 200 countries with 330,000 agent locations with low fees.
  • Free message facility (Upto 10 words or 80 characters)
  • Transactions are available in just over 10 minutes.
Send and receive money from family and friends worldwide!

Receive & send money to and from family and friends in Australia, New Zealand, United States, England, Middle East, India, Sri Lanka … or anywhere else across the globe at attractive exchange rates.

  • Great Rates
  • Low Sending Fees
  • Extended Opening Hours
  • Available at all MH, Maxval-U, Carpenters Finance and Homemaker outlets.