Foreign Exchange

We exchange foreign currencies at very competitive rates and transfer money within Fiji and globally within minutes through Moneygram money transfer.


Type of Payment

Delegated Limit

Documentary Requirements
(to be sighted and stamped by authorized dealers)

Documentary Requirements
for Reserve Bank Approvals


Fiji Passport Holders (excluding emigrants)

Return ticket

Up to $10,000 per person per trip;

Return travel ticket to Fiji and original passport

  • Original Form T (or B) application;
  • Original  Tax  Clearance Certificate for amounts above $10,000 (including $5,000 under delegated authority)
  • Return travel ticket to Fiji;
  • Original passport.

One way ticket

Up to $5,000 per person per trip

One way ticket and original passport

Note: Authorized dealers to ensure that last page of Fiji passports are endorsed with the amount of foreign exchange facilities approved for travel. Travelers abroad  including emigrants are only allowed to carry Fiji currency notes up to F$500 and foreign currency notes up to the equivalent of F$10,000 (inclusive of any Fiji currency notes)

Foreign Passport Holders

Sourced directly from the applicant’s F$ external or foreign accounts;

Up to the full amount

External or foreign currency account bank statement

Sourced from F$ resident account

Up to $10,000 per person per trip on return ticket

Return travel ticket to Fiji and original passport

Others (tourist)

Up to the full unutilized balance of funds imported and verifiable by documentary evidence


From $2000 per applicant per annum

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